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Ula Café is proud to be recipient of a 2010 Green Business Award by Mayor Menino, and certified as a Sustainable Business Leader by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

It’s an ongoing process, but below are some of the ways in which we have already committed to reducing our environmental impact:

Local Purchasing & Local Food

Support and promote local vendors, such as:

Waste Management

  • Compost all food waste with Save That Stuff
  • Use to-go containers that are all either compostable or recyclable
  • Offer well-labeled recycling and composting bins for customer use
  • Provide staff with reusable dishware
  • Offer discounts to customers who bring their own cups

Energy Efficiency

  • Installed Energy Star hot water heater and convection ovens
  • Installed high efficiency lighting equipment
  • As member of Boston Buying Power, invest in renewable energy through the use of NewMix Wind RECs, which supports demand for building new, clean wind power, matches 100% of our electricity use, and demonstrates Ula’s commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Perform routine maintenance on all equipment to ensure efficient operation

Water Conservation

  • Installed low-flow aerators in all handsinks and low-flow spray nozzle in dishwashing station
  • Installed Energy Star Warewasher

Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives

  • Have our menus printed on FSC certified recycled paper with soy ink and 100% certified wind-energy credits
  • Purchase low-toxic cleaners
  • Use recycled-content napkins, paper towels, tp & aluminum foil


Sustainability Management

  • Created a sustainability policy pledge that all employees must agree to uphold
  • Ensure that all staff are educated about and trained on all new sustainability initiatives.
  • Participate in the Sustainable Business Network’s annual Local Food Festival
  • Collaborate with Next Step Living to promote the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program
  • Build all sustainability practices into our operational systems